Professional Communication

Professionals need professional communication. The home buying process does not work Monday through Friday and neither do we. We are 100% committed to being available seven days a week. Wether you need an inspection fast or your buyer has a question regarding and inspection, we are there for you.

Fast & Easy Scheduling

At Bend Brothers we use your preferred method of contact. No lengthy inspection request forms to fill out. You can schedule an inspection via online scheduler, text message, email, or phone. The choice is yours.

Pre-Offer Scheduling

Do you want to write the strongest offer possible without waiving inspections? Prior to writing your offer reach out to us for our next availability and we will block out the inspection slot for your clients. Write your offer with an inspection already scheduled and a shorter contingency. If the offer is not accepted just let us know in a timely manner. No cancelation fees, no hassles.

Buyback Guarantee

When you choose to work with us we understand that your reputation is at stake and our actions will reflect on to you. This is not something that we take lightly. We provide a buyback guarantee to insure the highest level of customer service is upheld no matter the circumstances. We will not stop until our customers are satisfied and we will never walk away…

Repair Request Generator

Our reports come with a built in repair request generator. This saves you time during the negotiation process. The generator produces a clear and easy to understand addendum that can be used by repair professionals during the repair process. The addendum also serves as a checklist for yourself the agent or for our inspectors during re-inspections, this insures nothing is overlooked.

Agent Testimonials


“I am beyond thankful to have such hard working, devoted, knowledgeable, kind, accommodating home inspectors that I get to work with. As a real estate agent, we have a lot of responsibilities to our clients, one of which is recommending a variety of trades and sub contractors to them that we know and trust to get the job done right. As an agent, my clients are the most important thing to my business and I. Having such highly sought after, and very talented home inspectors in my area such as Bend Brothers Inspection Services makes my job so much easier. I can trust them to schedule us in quickly, be on time, do an amazing job, get us the report in a very fast turnaround time. They are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to go above and beyond to explain every aspect of the report to my clients and I to make sure we understand the findings. Not only are Ross and Ryan terrific partners to have in the industry, but they are just all around some of the best guys you will ever meet, always going the extra mile and always lending a hand where they can! I couldn’t recommend anyone any higher!”


“I am a local broker in Central Oregon and I have used Bend Brothers to inspect my personal home as well as include them in my recommended vendors list. My client’s choose Bend Brothers for their professionalism, clear reports, quick response, affordable prices and awesome “buyer’s buyback program”. Something I am incredibly grateful for is their attention to detail, they truly take their time on every home inspection. They are always wanting and willing to improve their systems to make it the best possible experience for everyone involved. Their reports through Spectora are easy to navigate and my favorite feature as an agent is the repair request list. It easily creates a separate report that includes pictures of the items my buyer is requesting the seller repair before closing. Their turnaround time from inspection to report is quick and seamless. If they don’t have the answer to something they will utilize their resources to get an answer quickly and are always honest. They are a joy to communicate with and will always carve out time to address any questions and review reports. Some feedback I have heard from clients who hired Bend Brothers “I am so grateful we hired them, they were so detailed thank you for the recommendation” – “Gosh the last house we bought the home inspector we used missed so much. These guys are so thorough!” – As an agent I highly recommend you add them to your vendor list, and for anyone looking for an inspector definitely give them a call to see if they are the right fit for you!”


“I feel so thankful to have found such a stand up inspection company in Bend. Bend Brothers are everything you want and need from an inspection service. They are prompt, professional, trustworthy, and above all things, thorough. They are very accommodating with scheduling the inspection, and are available to make sure you understand the inspection report to great detail.

As a real estate professional having a solid team to work with is imperative, and I am happy to have Bend Brothers as a part of my team.

I mean every word and will always put you on the top of my list!”

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