Buyer Inspection

Buying a home is the single largest purchase most will make. As a company we take this responsibility very seriously. Our comprehensive home inspection will give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision about buying a home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Whether you are selling your home for a bigger backyard or a career change the goal is to make the most money possible. Pre-Listing inspections uncover defects so they can be corrected before putting the home on the market. Major defects found during a buyers inspection can cause stressful negotiations, lower the sale price, and even kill the deal. Identifying and repairing major defects prior to putting your home on the market will not only make your deal go smoother but will make you more money.

Post-Purchase Inspection

We never recommend waiving a home inspection, however in todays competitive market we understand it may be necessary. In order to assist buyers navigating through this competitive market we have started a Post Purchase Inspection program. Once you take ownership we perform a limited home inspection at a discounted rate that focuses on the major components of the home. Things like roof leaks and water damage can cost thousands to repair if left unattended. Our Post Purchase Inspection covers the roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, water heater, and more.

One Year Builder Warranty Inspection

New construction is in demand and is on the rise. New homes offer the buyer the ability to customize their home and rest easy knowing all the components are new and under warranty. Due to demand most new homes are built in 100 days or less and builders are moving so fast some items fall off the punch list. This is where Bend Brothers comes in. Prior to the end of your one year warranty period we perform a comprehensive home inspection that identifies construction errors and oversights. We then provide a detailed report that your builder can use as a punch list to correct any defects that were identified.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

Most people think of pest inspection as termites or carpenter ants. Our Wood Destroying Organism inspection includes much more than just termites. We also visually inspect for moisture intrusion, moisture damage, or plumbing leaks within the home.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Owning a home comes with the necessity of performing home maintenance. Routine home maintenance will protect your home and your financial investment long term. When the time comes to sell, providing a detailed maintenance record can also add value to your home. Instead of hiring five different tradesman and spending hundreds if not thousands our annual Home Owner maintenance inspection covers the Roof, attic, Foundation, Exterior, and HVAC systems. The detailed report will assist you in deciding what components should be serviced or repaired at the given time. This ultimately saves you time and money.

Blue Tape Service

You don’t buy a new car with body damage and you shouldn’t have to buy a home with cosmetic blemishes. Unfortunately cosmetic blemishes are all too common in modern building. Often these blemishes go unnoticed until after the one year warranty is past and then it is up to you to fix them. Enter our Blue Tape Service. When we inspect your home we look at everything from the roof shingles to the outlet covers, why not look for cosmetic blemishes while we do it? As we inspect your new home we will mark any noticed blemishes with blue tape. This will make you and the builder aware of any cosmetic damage that can be fixed prior to move in.

Additional Services

  • Sewage Ejector Inspection

  • Hot Tub Inspection

  • Pool Inspection

  • Barn Inspection

  • Shop Inspection

  • ADU Inspection

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