• High Quality Images

    The modern world requires visualization. We provide a visual report with high-quality images documenting our findings. In addition to the high-quality images we utilizes arrows and boxes to point out our observations and create a better viewing experience. To make repair easier we provide captions on many of our photos so you know the exact location we are describing.

  • Section Based Reporting

    Unlike traditional reporting structures our reports are broken out into sections. Examples of these sections are; Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC etc. There is no need to search for what observation was made in what room. Just scroll to the applicable section and all the information will be in one place for you to read.

  • 24 Hour Reporting

    We understand the nature of the market you are competing in. You need the report completed promptly in order to make an informed decision. Using modern technology and on-site reporting we provide inspection reports to our customer quickly and efficiently.

  • Mobile Friendly Reporting

    Our report system is mobile and desktop friendly meaning you can review your report from anywhere. This also allows you or your selected contractors to use their phone as a guide while making repairs or checking off those to-do list items.

  • Report Consultation

    Once the Inspection is complete and you have received our report we will set up a post report consultation that fits your schedule. During the consultation we will answer any questions that came up during the review of our report.

  • Repair Request Generator

    Once all of your questions have been answered you and your agent can use our integrated repair request generator to send a clean and easy to read repair request addendum. Our repair request generator includes photos and locations of the repairs. This ensure the tradesmen performing the repairs get the job done.

  • Re-Inspection

    After the repairs have been performed your inspector can return to the home and verify that the items in question were performed and completed in a proper manor. The Inspector will use the repair request you generated from our report to ensure no items are overlooked.

Visual & Informative Reports

Sample home inspection report

Watch our ‘How to Read Your Report’ Video!

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